THE BROW GEEK | BROW BUDDIES™️ | 36 pairs for Airbrush and Hybrid

€ 23,95

THE BROW GEEK | BROW BUDDIES™️ | 36 pairs for Airbrush and Hybrid

Introducing Brow Buddies™️, your essential tool for achieving flawlessly sharp edges on your Airbrush brows, Hybrid and henna brow treatments.

With 36 pairs in each box, these cruelty-free and non-toxic brow guides offer precision like never before. At just over 50p/60c USD per treatment, Brow Buddies™️ not only elevate your brow game but also save you valuable time – a small investment with significant time returns.

When tested, up to 15 minutes of time saved PER TREATMENT, and are perfect for the new 2024 treatment of AIRBRUSH BROWS.

Each pair is designed for one-time use, ensuring hygiene and convenience for every client. Upgrade your brow sculpting experience with Brow Buddies™️, where perfection meets efficiency. 2 styles in each box, these can also be stretched and adjusted to any shape


  • Clean and prep brows as normal ready for your treatment Ensure you use an oil free products, such as saline, or alcohol to remove any excessive oils from the skin
  • After applying the Brow buddies™️ pattern down to ensure you have a crisp edge.
  • Always remove from the brow tail to nose
  • Hypo - Allergenic adhesive
  • No residue